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Ink Producer Packaging Machine

Ink Producer Packaging Machine

The world’s 2nd largest ink producer was having difficulty keeping up with orders. They needed a new specialized packaging machine that is only produced in Europe.

The Challenge.

The client contacted us to assist with getting the new packaging machine installed and fully operational.

Upon arrival at the client’s U.S. plant, many issues needed to be remedied before it could be put into use. Those included:

  • Issues adapting European standards to a US environment
  • The manufacturer’s drawings did not match the actual equipment
  • The device needed to be carefully positioned and installed in the current facility
  • Existing equipment required integration with the new machine
  • The machine did not work correctly upon initial start-up

The installation process was further complicated because the client had made the purchase directly, and Wheelhouse Industrial was not involved in the project until the new machine arrived.

The Solution.

We arrived on site when the machine arrived and got right to work. Our team off-loaded the crate from the semi, then uncrated, inspected, and staged the device for installation.

The worksite required prepping before the equipment could be installed, including precision alignment to ensure trouble-free operation.

Once powered up, the machine needed to be integrated with the client’s palletizer and carton sealers. There were issues with the control functions of the new device, requiring our techs to work directly with the manufacturer in Europe.

They were able to successfully troubleshoot the issues and make the necessary adjustments and repairs to get everything working as designed.

When everything was in position and working as designed, Wheelhouse conducted the start-up and commissioning of the new machine.

The project required our team to be on-site for two weeks, from unloading to commissioning. The new equipment has helped our client ramp up production and packaging to meet increased demand.

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