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Manufacturing Plant Conveyor Repair

Manufacturing Plant Conveyor Repair

The client is a granite and natural stone quarrier and fabricator and a bronze manufacturing company serving various markets, such as memorials, design, architecture, and residential and industrial products.

The Challenge.

The client had scheduled maintenance on their granite finishing machine, and one of the parts that needed replacing was the conveyor belt. The belt was reaching its end of life and required a custom-made replacement from overseas.

Additionally, the belt needed special vulcanizing equipment to be installed. Plant downtime was a primary concern, as delays would result in lost production and revenue.

The Solution.

Wheelhouse Industrial provided a solution that involved a new one-piece conveyor belt that needed to be looped into position on the machine, and then the ends needed to be connected using both heat vulcanizing and a pressurized chemical method.

Once the client had acquired the replacement part, Wheelhouse Industrial crews delivered a massive vulcanizing machine, which had to be lowered onto the job site by crane.

The conveyor repair was completed in the shortest possible time, limiting disruption to the facility’s operation and downtime. As a result, the client could resume their production quickly, reducing any potential revenue loss.

Wheelhouse Industrial’s ability to provide a customized solution, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment allowed the client to resume their production with minimal downtime. This repair resulted in long-term benefits for the client, such as increased productivity and reduced revenue loss.

Wheelhouse Industrial is a US-based company that provides repair, maintenance, and fabrication services to various industries, including natural stone quarriers and fabricators.

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